Saturday, January 28, 2006


What a ride it has been, and still is.

Your’s truly and a small, dedicated band of friends have spent the last several years developing a data management system for our group within our company. It started, at first, being a hobby style project, to improve our collective ability to analyze engineering test data. The last several weeks have been an all out effort to make this system palatable to the company as a global solution for managing the company’s data. We still have much work to do.

As Dr. Phat Tony duly noted in his remarks, it has been a wonderful, exciting, seething capitalist plot to improve gross margins. I’m sure that somewhat dry financial rhetoric could be metaphorically extended to some sort of buxom, sexual context that would please both Tony and Uber. Have at it, you two.

I am also glad to see that Peakah has a new look again. Josh, although your last blog layout was visually stunning, this one is friendly to my dial-up.

JimmyB, I like that recent reality graphic, courtesy of the NRO, one of my favorite news sources.

Ssssteve expresses his recent view of Bush’s speech on democracy; A view I share, BTW.

FIAR, in his pajamas, is still being the perpetually unblemished, evil conservative propagandist we all know and love.

Please offer your hopes and prayers to Difster’s friends and their two premature babies, now struggling for life.

It looks like GunnNutt has finally staked out victory in all territories, at Walter Reed. She also has a great piece, interposing a soldier’s art with the bigotry of his detractors.

On the Alito subject, I hope Kerry pulls a filibuster. Bullies like that drunken Leprechaun Kennedy gave conservatives an entire pot full of golden audio clip daggers. They positioned that pot perfectly, right at the dead foot of the confirmation committee rainbow. The eyes of conservative pundits will be wide with unbridled glee, at the brimming trunks of ideological booty that a good old-fashioned hour hand spinning filibuster will produce. The only thing more valuable to us, than a drunken, poorly scripted, pompous old senator from the gay state, is two hung-over, sleep deprived, script-exhausted senators from the gay state. It is far more difficult to smear a clean moral person with feces, than cover up a lump of feces with a bright candy shell. Case in point: Ted Kennedy.

As for Hamas, this is also a good thing. I am with the president on this one. Democracy is a two edged sword. They think they are sending an important message to the world. They are right. This is the perfect chance to sever financial support, and walk away. The dogs can fight it out. Any suicide bombings and terror attacks against Israel, can now be argued as acts of war, sanctioned by the population of Palestine. The Hamas leadership is out in the open, admitting their intentions.

We will see what happens.

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