Monday, November 28, 2005

But I thought they loved US?

Two small bombs explode at foreign banks in Mexico
Fri 18 Nov 2005 3:40 PM ET

MEXICO CITY, Nov 18 (Reuters)

The television station said flyers reading "Mexico united against poverty" and "No to Mexico's support of the United States" were found inside a branch of the BBVA-Bancomer bank, a unit of Spain's BBVA .

Mexico's support of the US. (INTERMISSION) ...ok now I can stop laughing and wipe my eyes. Fine. Let us ship ALL of that Mexican support back to Mexico. Then they can be happy.

"We think this is a mere publicity stunt ... they were trying to get attention," Navarrete said.

It looks like Mexico has its fair share of militant communist moonbats.

Mexico is a close trade ally of the United States. Last week Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez called Mexican President Vicente Fox a "lap dog" of U.S. imperialism, triggering the worst diplomatic crisis between the two nations in recent history.

You have the dog/master roles reversed Hugo. But of course, you are a drooling cretin.

Now I feel better...NOT

White House: China Not Manipulating Money
Nov 28 4:07 PM US/Eastern

AP Economics Writer

The Bush administration on Monday determined that China was not manipulating its currency to gain economic advantages but still pressed the Chinese to move more quickly to allow the yuan's value to be set by market forces.

If you believe this, I have a bridge to Manhattan to sell you. With 160+ billion deficit with China, the president is not going to admit the obvious.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Japanese want to beef up their military

Japan Propoposes More Assertive Military

The pacifist constitution's first alteration since its adoption in 1947 would create an official role for the Japanese armed forces. The language of the revision would then allow those forces to assist military allies and help with armed international peacekeeping, according to outside experts and members of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Missile Dodgeball

In the Washington Times, and article by the famous Bill Gertz:

Russian warhead alters course midflight in test

Kremlin officials were quoted in Russian press reports as saying the new wahead was designed to thwart the new U.S. missile-defense system of interceptors deployed in Alaska and California.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Oh those Korean Cutups

A few short years ago:

Jimmy Carter meets the evil Korean Dictator, as Clinton's "unofficial" envoy, back in the good old Clinton days. He quite effectively short circuits US policy and sanctions on the evil little bastards.

Fast Forward to today:

Today on Drudge, we have yet another atrocity story by Meghan Clyne of the NY sun, entitled Korean Reds Targeting Christians.

Christians being run over by steamrollers, in front of fainting crowds, for expressing their religion. It is not like we didn't know that North Korea was doing this sort of thing for decades.

Thanks for being so helpful to your fellow Christians, Jimmy. You get the Nobel Pieces prize.

Don't look this way.

Iran votes to block nuclear inspections. They claim unrestricted right to enrich uranium for fuel purposes. We know how much they need that nuclear energy, being the oil rich nation they are.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Turn off those Fortune Cookies on your browser

Post copied from Insolublog.

Remember all of those articles from the 1990's, regarding the Clinton administration transferring US computer technology to China? Articles like 'Webb Hubbell and the NSA'.

Remember this letter to Bill Clinton by US Defense CEOs? Article at NewsMax.

May 3, 1996 letter signed by the CEOs of Hughes, Lockheed and Loral, the three executives expressed their thanks directly to Bill Clinton.

"In October of last year we wrote to you asking you to complete the transfer of responsibility for commercial satellite export licensing to the Department of Commerce. Your administration recently announced its intention to do just that."

"We greatly appreciate this action which demonstrates again your strong commitment to reforming the U.S. export control system," states a letter signed by Hughes CEO Armstrong, Lockheed CEO Norman Augustine and Loral CEO Bernard Schwartz.

It gets worse...
In the end Hughes was charged with 123 counts of violating national security. All of the violations took place during Armstrong's term as head of Hughes. Hughes pleaded no contest to the 123 charges filed by the U.S. State Department and has since paid a record fine.
Fast Forward to Today...

When I see articles like Hackers Attack Via Chinese Web Sites, which outlines the overwhelming efforts of Chinese hackers to burrow into our defenses, I am so glad we are actively engaged in all that wonderful business over there.

It really makes you feel warm and fuzzy, doesn't it?

Lunch over at Basil's blog.

More on our Unwanted Guests

Post copied from Insolublog.

No I am not talking about the Mexican border. I am talking about the electronic border between our national security and the Chinese government. These are not uneducated migrants looking for work. They are highly intelligent, highly disciplined ruthless computer spies looking for nuclear secrets.

The followine Time Article by Nathan Thornburg provides further details on the attack I talked about in my previous post.

The Invasion of the Chinese Cyberspies (And the Man Who Tried to Stop Them)

If our most secure computers are this vulnerable to attack, what about our financial infrastructure? Credit cards, mutual funds, inter bank commerce could all be war targets to an enemy with intellectual horsepower, and a coordinated will.

Chinese Bubble Gum

George Melloan writes in the WSJ, back in July about China's currency re-valuation. Post copied from Insolublog.

He writes about the opinion of the economist John Rutledge, who is complaining about all the bad things which may happen as a result of China no longer pegging the Yuan against the US dollar. The Chinese will use a world currency basket instead. Mostly valued with, the dollar!

Insolublog could not disagree more. China's economy has been overheated for quite some time now. They have serious issues with their economy, their environment and their labor force. Just because things have been working well all this time, does not mean that a cliff is not fast approaching on the horizon.

Look at the Enron, Worldcom and Global Crossing pyramid schemes which were revealed for the delicate houses of cards they were, when Greenspan tweaked up the rates. They railed at the Maestro for that, but think about all that real retirement money passing through the hands of all those exuberant, card shuffling fools. It could have been a much bigger bubble, with a much bigger explosion, had the sharp, balancing needle of a tight money supply not deflated it.


A lot of people seem to think that the Chinese will somehow be magically transformed by the free market, into a benevolent democracy. This is pure bull feces.

They have a totalitarian communist government, fully loaded with all of the accessories. They have the worst of communism coupled with the worst of capitalism. They have an elite political power class, fully educated, which would put Kerry, Kennedy and all the beautiful people into servant's quarters.

A true libertarian view would demand a level playing field. The currency fluid then seeks all the low spots proper. This is not the case with the Chinese government.

They have been, and still are, gobbling up US Treasury bonds to artificially moderate the trade imbalance. They have an enormous slave labor pool with no pesky health and safety rules. They are traveling down the pollution path often traveled by burgeoning world powers, before they get the proper religion about poisoning themselves. Remember Chernobyl? That's what happens to a people, that have no Constitutional steam valve, to hold their political apparatus in check.

How can the US truly compete? Well, we can't. The service sector is being short circuited. The Chinese are running off with our intellectual property, and laughing all the way to the bank. They marvel at our never ending thirst for their cheap crap. We cannot compete techically, because our educational system is being destroyed by political correctness. It's being compromised by a left wing group think attitude that spawns racist demagogues like Ward Churchill. The Chinese are only really interested in our technology. They consider our culture a heap of hedonistic garbage. Not that there's anything wrong with that!

They are eagerly engaged in the process of building a domestic base of totalitarian driven consumerism. Check your free speech at the border. Look at the energy consumption meter. China and India are nipping at our heels. They are driving up the prices of the global energy markets.

I'm waiting to see what we can and will do, when the Chinese want to pluck that Taiwan plum off the tree. They lust after the billions we have invested in computers, semiconductors and industrial process sciences. We only have two weapons. Nuclear war, or going bankrupt when they dump those bonds. Yeah, that'll show em.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Chinese Spies in American Clothing

AP Los Angeles -52
Chinese-American engineer and two relatives who allegedly conspired to steal sensitive information about Navy warships and smuggle it to China.

Federal officials said Mak took computer disks from Anaheim defense contractor Power Paragon, where he was lead engineer on a sensitive research project involving propulsion systems for Navy warships.

He and his wife, Rebecca Laiwah Chiu, 62, then copied the information to CDs and delivered them to Tai Wang Mak, 56, who was scheduled to fly to Hong Kong on Oct. 28 with his wife, Fuk Heung Li, an FBI affidavit said.

Story over at MyWay.