Saturday, July 08, 2006

Shooting Blanks

I wonder if Kim is suffering from some Freudian delusion, driven by violent repressed, impotence and/or homosexual denial.

I wonder if he is engaging in projection, as is evidenced by an unhealthy fascination with metal cylinders called Taepodong-2.

One thing is for sure. After seven tries, he still can't get anything up.
There are those on the left who still insist on putting a rational face on this maniac. Of course, I still remember back in November of 2005, when red North Koreans ran Christian church leaders over with steam rollers, in front of fainting crowds.

I guess that event was not on the Ted Turner tour.

Everybody seems so concerned about North Korea's ability to hit the U.S. or Japan. They do not even need to make it that far. They could airburst a nuke over Taiwan or the Phillipines, which would take out a large chunk of the U.S. high tech economy, which heavily relies on the region for electronic fabrication.

I am sure the Chinese would be crying over the pile of money they would make, as U.S. interests desperately shift production over to the red mainland. I am sure they would poo-poo our concerns about stolen intellectual property. No doubt they would reward the little bastard with a state parade, and a large supply of Western movies on stolen DVDs.